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MultiTranse Pro    

MultiTranse PRO is a powerful translation software tool that combines the convenience of a client-end part with the power of a remote translation engine currently supporting 48 world languages, including quite exotic and rare ones. The interface of MultiTranse PRO is extremely simple and intuitive: the main program window consists of two text areas (source and destination) and language selectors. The software requires an Internet connection.

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Magic NetTrace    

Magic NetTrace is a tool with traceroute and Whois IP Lookup functions into one friendly easy-to-use suit. Using this IP Lookup tool you can track down spammers, identify the source of connectivity problems, troubleshoot e-mail problems etc. Multithreaded architecture makes the program very fast and tight integration with Internet Explorer enables users to trace remote host and Whois IP with a single click.

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HotWhoIs is a convenient and easy-to-use IP Lookup application for obtaining all available Whois IP information on a given IP address or domain name. You can retrieve information about the organization or the ISP that owns the IP address, including the country, state, city, address, contact phone numbers and e-mails. It can determine name and version of the remote web server. It can also ping remote hosts to check their availability.

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